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January 2013

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Hey you. Yeah, you with the cute toes.

Wanna win a signed copy of A Crooked Kind of Perfect, an adorable pair of toe socks, and -- get this -- a copy of Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits?
I thought you did.

I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give you two chances to win. Chance number one:

Post a sock-footed photo of you (or your kid or your dog or your UPS man or anyone else adorably be-socked) on your Live Journal, Blog or Website and tell your readers that you're doing it to help me celebrate the publication of this:

Then come back here tell me in the comments that you did so. That's all it takes to be entered.

Of course, if you really want to win, you can also post an encouragement to others to show their socks on their sites. Do so, and I'll add your name to a second drawing. That's right. You'll have two chances to win Crooked, socks, and NEIL!

I'll give you until the official release day -- September 1st. Okay?



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Ooh! Ooh! You can already add me to your second drawing!
Thanks Tammi! You're in!
i Just read it, and think that it's great! :)
Thanks so much, Jen. How's your own writing coming?
Take a look at my site... :-) Fun!
I'm off to dig through daughter's sock drawer!
I look forward to seeing what you find!
I amended my post and it now includes a the cover of your book and more reasons to celebrate the upcoming release. Fun idea, Linda!!
As I posted on your own lovely LJ: YOU ROCK. I LOVE this photo!
Thanks for playing, Lisa!

You're now listed on my hubpage links section!

I posted your livejournal link and a message about your book on my Hubpages site...check it out!

Re: You're now listed on my hubpage links section!

Thanks, Sue!
Okay, I took a picture and urged other people to show me their socks.

Those are some awesome socks, Lill. Thanks for playing! Keep your toes crossed!
cute idea!! (did i already comment on this?? there are so many cute sox posts today!) i'll try and dig some out--i know i used to have some. again FABULOUS cover!!
Looking forward to seeing your tootsies!
Ha! This is an excellent idea. I'm in: http://christylenzi.blogspot.com/
and I urged others to go and do likewise.
Christy -- thank you so much for playing and for scaring your librarian on my behalf. You're in both drawings!
Slightly embarassing.... I have horrible feet and boring socks! But hey worthy cause! I put my funky feet photo on my LJ!
Your feet and socks are darling. Thank you for playing -- you're in both drawings!
You are a genius. That is all.
Where are your socks? C'mon. You know you need Neil in your CD collection.
I'm posting my sock picture right now!

(Darn you for tempting me away from my wip with a chance to dress my dog up in Merry's mismatched socks!!!)
That pooch was made for sox. Adorable. :)
I totally cheated, b/c I don't own a pair of toe socks, but if you reeeally use your imagination, a pair of fingerless gloves worn by a five year-old on her feet COULD be a street urchin version of toe socks. You be the judge. :P
I judge you adorable. Thank you for playing!
Done. And done. And mwah!


wearing my green socks

Hi Linda! I posted a photo of me in my socks, here:



Re: wearing my green socks

Yours are the only handknit socks in the bunch, I'll bet. Thanks, Deb!

No toes!

... I hope Peace on Earth socks will do. You rock!


Re: No toes!

The socks are very nice and so are you.
Okay, so there's no way I'm showing my actual feet on the internet (besocked or not), but I posted a pic of my REAL lucky socks. To make up for the fact that my feet aren't in them, I've composed a little poem to go with them. Oh, and to make up for the horrific poem, I'm posting a link to your contest on another forum as well. I hope that's okay!
Can't wait to get my hands on your book!!!!!
The frog socks were very cute and your poem adorable. Thank you so much for playing!
I entered...a double entry! Check out my blog to see! This is such a fun contest, and many congrats on the book! Sounds like a great one.
Those are some seriously cute photos. Thank you so much for playing.

Anybody reading the comment trail? Go see those baby feet!
Kelly (kellyrfineman) sent me and my socks (pic on my post) to sign up....


That is one mighty fine sock post. This is another one people need to go check out if they haven't already.
I did it! See my sock photo! congratulations on an excellent novel! YAY YOU!
Thank you ma'am. Those are some adorable stripey socks! You're entry has been noted. Good luck!
I would so do this if I didn't already have a wonderful signed copy :0) I have some Moose socks that my inlaws got me from alaska (DH got polar bears). No toe socks here, but I did get my mom a pair for Christmas and she loves them. She didn't think she would at first, but after trying them on, she wears them all the time now. I should have gotten her several pairs.

Good luck with your contest!
I think you need to post those Moose socks anyway. :)
How you feeling?



This isn't a contest entry, Linda, 'cause I've already got a copy right here. And I if you send me Neil Diamond, I'll just get Sweet Caroline stuck in my head (ack--too late... argh).

But we wanted to say Hi and the Kid wanted to show of her socky feet!



Re: Sockity-sock-sock...

Adorable. People you've got to see this. You're in Jaina!
Since you're coming to my store, I'm really only entering for the sake of sock show-offyness, but here goes:

Those socks are dreidel-rific! Thanks for playing, Sarah. Store visit or no, I'm happily entering you in both drawings.
My socks are now in the public domain...


What a great, fun idea for a contest! I've enjoyed seeing all the participation and invited my LJ friends to join in the fun, too.
The piano is a brilliant touch. I've entered you in both drawings. Thank you for playing!
I shared mine over at my blog! What a cool idea for a contest (and an awesome cover, too).
Also, eringobrache was having trouble posting pics of her socks, so I did an honourary post for her with her photos. :) I hope that's okay.
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