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January 2013

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Quiet Books and Gatekeepers

Whew!  The last of the big reviews is in for Hound Dog True and HOORAY! It received a star!
Here's a link if you want to read the review in its entirety.  Otherwise, how about just enjoying this bit:

The most action readers will find in this story is Uncle Potluck tripping over a vacuum cleaner cord, but the characters are well limned, and Mattie's perceptions and observations add a tender dimension. There are many books that offer adventure and twists and unusual story lines. Most of them do not offer young readers such fine writing and real characters. That is hook enough.

Do you know how my heart sings?  Not just for the nice things said about my own book -- but because I have a passion for quiet books about small things.   And I know that the way only way those books will find their perfect readers is if librarians and booksellers and passionate reviewers make them known and give them space amongst their fabulous big plot, high concept peers.  So thank you, SLJ.  Thank you Kirkus and Horn Book and Booklist and Publishers Weekly.  Thank you teachers, librarians, moms, dads, bloggers and big mouths, for all you do to get the small books into the hands of their just-right-readers.

PS:  If you haven't entered THIS DRAWING for Myra Wolfe's less-than-quiet, rip-roaring new picture book CHARLOTTE JANE BATTLES BEDTIME then hop to it, matey!


Wow! A star from SLJ means so much. And the reviewer clearly got the book.
Thanks, April! It sure means a lot to me. :)
Wow, that is amazing - congratulations!!!
Thank you, Lisa. Looks like you had fun at Wordstock!
Hooray you! I so can't wait to read HOUND DOG TRUE!!!! xo
Love that cheerleader! Thank you!
I'm a huge fan of quiet books--there's a power to them, when they're done well, that can be missing from books that are less...quiet. :) And I was a reader like this when I was young, too, so it's not just an age thing. I think there are a lot of kids out there who want to curl up with a book like this--can't wait to read yours!
I liked them when I was a kid, too -- but not exclusively. I think it is best when there is a little bit of everything available to kids. And I do worry that the need to have a blockbuster book (and not just a steady seller) might squeeze out even more of the quiet books we love.
I've always liked quiet books. And I don't think I was the only kid who enjoyed reading them. I don't understand why they're so few and far between now. Thank heavens someone saw fit to publish yours. They are all the things a quiet books should be.
Comes down to money, I think. Lots of kids love a quiet book -- but I'm betting that the book diet for most of them is still 70/30 action-packed to quiet, so if you have to make a publishing budget you're going to aim for the 70, right?
Thank you for your kind words. :)
If your heart is singing, mine is harmonizing. Go, quiet!
We'll sing our quiet little song together, then? Lovely.
Woooooot! Congratulations on that (so well-deserved) star!
You made it through Book #2! And it's lovely and loved.
Thanks, Cindy. And hooray to both of us! The book two barrier is past!!!
Thank you, Stephanie! You're a peach.
Just finishing HOUND DOG TRUE and loved it! Congrats on getting the much-deserved star.
Thanks, Susan! Hey, you're up early today!