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January 2013

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Mokie and Bik

I mentioned in a past entry that daughter, Six, got a copy of Mokie and Bik for her birthday and one of you out there apparently knows the genius behind the book, Wendy Orr, and let her know about it.

Hey you, would you let Ms. Orr know this? That book has been read six times since Six's birthday. Four by Six and twice by me. Five times silent, once aloud. Three times in bed and once in the car and twice at the table even though we were supposed to be getting dressed and brushing teeth and unsnarling hair before school. Partial reads have occurred on the staircase, in the basement while tucked under the sofa cushions, and, yes, in the powder room.

The word fish has been banished. We eat fisk now. And nobody is ever "in the way". We are all "underfoot".

Let Wendy Orr know, would you please, that she has helped me fix a problem in my work-in-progress and has helped Six to decide that she ought to take swimming lessons.

For all of you who are not Wendy Orr or Wendy Orr's friend, let me say this. If you love slip-slidery language or love early chapter books or enjoy wild kid-honest stories, check out Mokie and Bik. I betcha you'll want to thank her, too.


Thank YOU!!

I am having a bit o' trouble with my middle grade wip.. so, I am rereading Crooked Kind of Perfect! : )
Best to go back to favorites I think!

Re: Thank YOU!!

That is so very sweet of you to say.
It is interesting how inspiration works and how reading can twist your brain until something juicy comes out, huh?
Sorry. Brain juice isn't exactly the most appealing image is it?
I must find it and read it. Excellent book pitch, Linda.
Next time you're at the bookstore you should sample a couple of chapters. I think you'll find it interesting, word-lover that you are.
What a pitch! It's now in my shopping cart.

I think this will be the Christmas of the Book. I had to run to Borders today to try to dig up a biography for my 4th grader to do a book project on. $100 later, I walked out, and still had books in mind to go back to get once I could shop without kids.
I hope you like it, Kim.
It is always the Christmas of the Book at our house -- so much so that, while the kids love books, I really do need to remember to wrap up some other things as well. Otherwise it is kind of like every other day at the Urban house. Always there are new books floating around.


Okay, I confess - I have a google alert on Mokie and Bik. I did one for Nim's Island when the movie was first green lit, because I was so hyped I wasted days looking up all the notices about it (which were all pretty much identical anyway) and the only way I could actually get any work done was to know that anything really interesting was going to fall into my inbox anyway. A while later it struck me I could do it for Mokie and Bik too.

And I have to say - I feel amply rewarded! This is why I write: to hear someone describe all the times and places the book's been read and what it's done - and even better, describe it as beautifully as you do. That style has made me even more impatient to read Crooked Perfect - if I go to the US next month I'll be picking it up, and otherwise, it can amazon its way to Australia.

all the best,
Wendy Orr
I'm so very glad you saw this, Wendy. And I'm glad that a few other folks are seeing it too. It's a magical book.

I suppose when you are in the US you will be in Southern California rubbing elbows with the movie folks, but if your travels bring you up to New England, I hope you'll let me know. I'll buy you a cup of coffee and beg you to sign Six's book.