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January 2013

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Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime -- You Could Win It!

So, yesterday I told you about a special treat and here it is:

I know!  It's crazy adorable, isn't it? I love these illustrations by Maria Monescillo -- but I loved this story even before it was illustrated. 

This is the story of Charlotte Jane who "came howling into the world with the sunrise." 
            "Arr.  She's finer than a ship full of jewels," said her mother, smiling.
            "Arr," agreed her father.

Arr, agree I.  And don't you love it?  All that pirate talk and yet a cozy wonderful warmth of family right from the start.  Arr.

            "Also," said her mother, "she's got oomph."
            "Formidable oomph," said her father.

Charlotte Jane's oomph leads her to want to get the most juice out of her days.  She swashbuckles, she hunts for treasure, she performs Fantastic Feats of Daring -- but she is determined not to go to sleep at bedtime.  "Bedtime was not juicy."   But soon she finds that "her oomph seems to have gone to sleep without her."

Things do work out, ultimately -- though you'll have to get a copy of the book to find out how.  I'm no spoiler.  But I'll give you a hint:

Okay.  And do you not want to crawl into that bed right now?  I know.  Me, too.

So, in celebration with Myra Wolfe and Charlotte Jane, I'd like to send a copy of this book to one of you.  Do this: leave a comment below or on my wordpress site (in case LJ is acting up during its "technical upgrade") and I'll have one my resident pirates randomly select a winner next Thursday, okay?  Grand.

In the meantime, if you'll like to see a few more of the illustrations in this book, you can take a gander here.  And I can't leave you without a link to a fabulous Publisher's Weekly review.  One of the highlights of that review? 
Monescillo's detailed and gently textured watercolors are full of insouciant pirate energy (Charlotte Jane's bravado is matched by that of her surly teddy bear, who wears an eye patch), and Wolfe's text has as much charm and verve as her heroine.

Now THAT is juicy.


I LOVE heroines with charm and verve!
That's what I'm sayin'!



Adorable illustrations and concept! Would love to win this book!

Linda Oatman High

Re: Adorable!

You're right on both counts. Good luck!
Ooh, please enter me in this giveaway! Charlotte Jane looks fabulous.
Oh, adorable! Wanna read more about that oomph. :)
That sweet boat-bed is too much! Thanks for sharing.
Love the illustrations and the spunk of Charlotte Jane! Thanks for having a giveaway :)
Wow ... the illustrations are gorgeous!
Those illustrations are so adorable. And what a great idea for a story.
I know how Charlotte Jane feels - I often run out of oomph before I've managed to achieve all my fantastic feats. It looks like a really fun read - Arrr!
It sounds fabulous! Can't wait to read it.